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9 out of 10 people will associate this quote with the Spider-Man series and comic books. Historically, Voltaire was the one who gave this quote.

Let me ask you a question : Did you know, men are also a victim of sexual harassment, rape and child abuse?

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Over a cup of coffee on a bright Sunday afternoon, my friend shared his experience of child abuse that made my blood run cold. While recounting those moments, his eyes dropped down with despair and disappointment. He was eight years old when he had to go through this horrifying incident in his life. I had this instant urge to ask him if he told anyone about this. To my utter surprise, his parents had knowledge about it, but told him to not to discuss it with anyone and forget about what has happened.

He is 28 years old now, and for the past 20 years has been struggling with this alone. Years of defence mechanism and self-healing helped him to function again in society, but the legacy of abuse continued to follow him.

As part of this society, why does nobody feel the urge –







Yes, we all are busy! But there is someone out there who requires your support. Being a part of this society, it is our duty to make this place, a happy space for our fellow humans.

Aren’t we responsible for the lack of ignorance on our part due to which this boy felt alone for 20 years? According to statistics, one out of six men has experienced child abuse or sexual harassment. Even though this number seems big, it still doesn’t cover those that have had non-contact experiences which can also lead to years of negative impact on the mind.

Do you think earning a seven digit figure annually makes us powerful? We have a responsibility in this society; the responsibility of helping people, listening to them and empowering them. There should never be a need for a clinical therapist. Each one of us could be a therapist to somebody.

Here are some ways you can help:

1.     Donate to organizations that help and support survivors out for those organizations and contact them to know how you can make a difference. One of them is NAASCA. Try and not have a constrained budget; if possible, allow your funds to be unrestricted so that organizations can meet the most urgent needs.

2.     As educated individuals, use your knowledge to influence and give a platform for the mission of these organizations. Make strategic changes to elevate their work in your community or workplace.

3.     Be a part of various volunteering opportunities. Consider joining a committee and take initiative by helping them raise money and build a strong and healthy board.

4. Always be available to listen: Take out ten minutes every day and ask those around you regarding their day. You will be surprised by how much people have to say.

When I think back, I feel that if his parents would have helped him that day, he would have recovered much earlier and wouldn’t have carried that baggage for over 20 years.. Likewise, if all of us are there for someone, many men and women, may avoid becoming victims of child abuse, sexual harassment, rapes and suicides.

With the power we have, let us all take this responsibility to send a message to people who have survived abuse, that they aren’t alone, damaged, disturbed or in any way abnormal. We are here for them.

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