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Don’t we all love a hero?

Whether it is in a classic Hollywood or, in my case, Bollywood movie or a comic book – we all need a hero.

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The quintessential hero is…..

the one who fights evil, brings down bad guys and brings peace to the society. But what really makes a hero in real life? Well, I think that goes a lot beyond fighting bad guys.

I recently read this story posted on the ‘Humans of New York’ Instagram account and it really made me question who is a real hero. In her early twenties, Mark Jarder along with her two young kids and; her husband struggled to find a new place to live in Vancouver. All rental brokers would see their bank statements with zero savings and reject them immediately.   

Mr. Ronald Petrowski was the only one who gave them a chance. Mark and her husband went on to live in his apartment for over 35 years. There was a point when the couple owed an entire year of rent to Mr. Petrowski, but he never sent them an eviction notice. He was empathetic towards them and understood their situation.

“Mr. Petrowski is my hero. He sold the building a couple years ago, but we still keep in touch. That man gave me a home to raise my children.” says Mark Jarder.

Photo from shutterstock

There is a hero in each one of us.

A small act of kindness, whether it is giving food and clothing to the homeless, holding the door for somebody, or even asking your building watchman about his day can go a long way in building confidence in others. Recognizing what we can do for others, big or small, makes us a hero.

We don’t necessarily need to chase down bad guys to save the world.

To all the Marvel fans out there, I’m sure you have seen ‘The Avengers’ series.

We all know how Tony Stark is the perfect example of how heroes are made, and not born. Putting his life on the line, he helped save the entire world. His selfless act in the became a hero because he had put his life on the line in every single movie. He became a living legend until the last movie, The Endgame in which he sacrificed himself to save others.

That’s what heroes do. They create a winning path for others.

It’s not necessary to sacrifice yourself, but remember to remain true to your morals and beliefs.

A hero could be anyone – you, me or your next door neighbour. The only thing that differentiates a hero from any ordinary person is the intent to help others. So the next time you walk to your nearest Tim Hortons and see a homeless guy, spare two minutes and help out. Who knows, they might be looking for their hero.

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