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You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me

“The quality of your life is the quality of where you live emotionally.”

– Tony Robbins

According to the urban dictionary, feeling depressed is when you don’t understand anything. When Life seems hopeless, pointless, and exhausting. You want to punish yourself. You feel helpless. No one understands. You just want to end everything, and go to sleep and never wake up. You hate. Yourself. Your friends. Your family. You hate with you everything. Your eyes become empty, and people don’t care. They don’t listen.

It is often taken lightly, which often just makes someone who is suffering from it feel worse.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the US, with 7.3 million (or 7.1%) adults suffering from it. While depression is slightly more common in women than men (8.7% versus 5.3%), depression doesn’t discriminate by gender, age, or race.

The worst stigma been alive ever since, “people with depression are abnormal. They can’t lead a normal life.”

None of this is true. This is stigma that follows us around daily when we suffer from depression.

Depression is not a choice; it is an illness.

Source: health.harvard. edu

It is perfectly okay- to be depressed, to feel sad, to feel helpless. You just need to accept the changes you are going through, embrace those feelings and fight against it.

Today I’m going to talk about various ways you can overcome depression:

  1. Acceptance: this is key. Till the time you don’t accept, you won’t be able to overcome it. No amount of denial will help. No amount of trying to figure out what happened, what when wrong will help. Now that you are in it, might as well just accept it. Acceptance will make you ready for further steps. Acceptance does not mean resignation to the condition. It only means opening to the fact you have a condition and it needs to be treated.
  • Decide to be happy: happiness is a decision only you can take for yourself. You can choose to cry and dwell in your sad life by watching someone else’s photo on Instagram or laugh while watching comedy movie. The choice remains yours. You are the creator of your life; you just need to know that and work on it.
  • Plan events: don’t wait for the right time or mood to start this. Start it right now. Tell yourself to do things you love for 20-25 minutes every-day. For example, you like dancing then join some classes near you or for starters put some music and your dancing shoes. Take out time for those that actually matter to you and start incorporating them in your daily routine.
  • Eat food and exercise: start eating whatever you feel like, healthy or junk. But do eat. You like chocolates, eat that. And if you are eating way too much, moderate that.

Depression is contagious.

But remember, how corny it may sound but belief in yourself is the strongest power in the world. You can always look at your faults and never believe yourself or rather look at your strengths and believe in yourself. The choice will always remain yours. You got to believe that you are much stronger than you think you are and can achieve everything you have wished for.

Here is a video by Tony Robbins on how to deal with stress and depression.

Source: Robbins

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